for your bar menu (served w/ shot of tequila)

Out in Nature, no two limes are ever alike. However, in a perfectly ripe one, the taste of the juice and tart pulp is something akin to biting into sunlight. Limes are the definition of acid and bitter, with a popping hint of sweetness and a pleading beg for sugar and salt.

Our sorbet brings that consistent kick of fresh lime juice to the forefront, balanced with rich, earthy brilliance of a fine tequila, a little salt and a touch of sweetness. The recipe took years to develop, but once it was perfect, we chose to package LimaRita in the most natural of forms - a simple, frozen lime shell.

LimaRita brings you a dessert experience unlike anything you've ever tried before. One taste brings you to summer... to a beach... a pitcher of Margaritas and a great group of friends.

Out in Nature, no two limes are ever alike. Out in Nature, nothing is perfect. Mother Nature never made sorbet.

for your restaurant menu

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