What is LimaRita?

LimaRita is a classic sorbet, containing fresh lime, natural lime juice, water and a small amount of pectin, which we source from the skin of the fruit. In ours, we add a dash of 100-percent Blue Weber tequila at the final stage, 0.4% to be exact, giving it that slight Margarita/agave essence, without making it alcoholic. It's safe to serve this to children.

Why choose LimaRita?

From the natural lime shell to the smooth, tart and beautiful taste, we believe our sorbet is unique. We dislike high fructose corn syrup as much as the next guy, so instead, it's made with brown rice syrup. This allows for a delicate level of sweetness, without that cloying consistency most people associate with inferior products. There's no fat, dairy or gluten. Oh yes, vegan too!

(80 Calories, per one LimaRita)

I'm a restaurant & bar owner/operator. Is there an opportunity for me to serve LimaRita to my guests?

Absolutely. We have worked with some of the top chefs and mixologists in America to create this product, with the expectation that it can reach thousands via bars and restaurants. In our tasting phases, we asked bartenders to get creative, and they enlightened us with various serving opportunities, from pouring tequila into the lime shell for shots, to incorporating it into cocktails. We'd be happy to speak with you further on the ways LimaRita can improve your bar or dessert sales.

How can I order LimaRita?

Firstly, LimaRita has national distribution capabilities. For further inquires and pricing, please visit our contact page, and kindly email us your contact information.

What are the product specifications?

(1) LimaRita 2.3oz (65g) Protective Hermetic Sealed Package

(1) LimaRita 80 Calories Non-Dairy Gluten Free, No HFCS

(12) LimaRita's Per Case (Box)

(18) Month Shelf Life

Stored at Zero or Cooler