our story

LimaRita founder and creator Paul Cantatore has always had a passion for Italy. Even though he was born and raised in New York City, he's Italian by heritage - Sicilian on his mother's side and his father's family is from Bari. In his early 20's Paul traveled to Milan to study the production of gelato and sorbet firsthand, from the men and women who created and perfected the art.

His studies started with a family in Milan who owned a factory just outside of the city, producing the raw ingredients for gelato - food sources like pistachio paste, tiramisu  and creme brulee. They invited Paul to join them in 1996, to learn the truly artisan way of crafting fine gelato and sorbet. This company began producing Italy's famous frozen desserts back in 1929, and it's still a family-run operation today. He eventually returned to America to spread this knowledge throughout his own country via consulting on ice cream, gelato and sorbet operations, sharing his own recipes with others. Over the years, Paul Cantatore advised and helped open more than 100 retail & wholesale outlets around the United States.

LimaRita launched in 2012 and it is absolutely a personal passion project - born from years of studying and teaching this classic dessert art. An entire year was devoted to sourcing raw ingredients. From Spain - which is one of the only few places in the world with factories to properly hollow and de-pulp a lime shell - to Mexico, with her traditions in the production of truly exquisite tequilas. Paul then sent samples to mixologists all over the country for their thoughts on the recipe, as well as chefs he greatly respects and admires. Behind LimaRita and at the core of Paul's philosophy on food, there is an adamant belief in quality and fresh ingredients. He believes that food has soul and should be respected and treated properly. You will experience a dessert that is both palate-cleansing and instantly memorable - packaged in its original lime shell, courtesy of Mother Nature.